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Smashy Penguin

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Smashy Penguin

Smashy Penguin

► OBJECTIVECollect as many red Christmas gifts as you can while avoiding ice blocks which zoom around and fall from the screen.► GAME CONTROLSUse the keyboard arrow keys (Up,Down,Left,Right) to move the penguin around the screen:-- Up Arrow Key = Jump-- Left Arrow Key = Run Left-- Right Arrow Key = Run Right-- Down Arrow Key = Fall faster after jumping.Release key (if it's being pressed) to fall slowly again.-- Spacebar = Slide to the left if facing or running left OR slide to the right if facing or running right.-- Enter Key = When the penguin is hit by an ice block and becomes frozen,keep tapping enter to unfreeze it.► KEYBOARD KEYS-- M key = Toggle music & sound effects on/off-- R Key = Restart game-- P Key = Toggle Pausing/unpausing game-- H Key = Exit game & return to menu ► POWERUPSYellow Christmas gifts are thrown by the snowman in the corner of the screen every now and then during game-play.When collected,the player will get an instantly used powerup that assists with game-play.Each time a powerup is used,a banner will appear on the screen as follows;-- 1UP = regain one HP (heart)-- Freeze = Immobilizes all ice blocks on screen-- Boom = Destroys all ice blocks on screen► ENEMIESThe “enemies” in the game are ice blocks which either fall from above the screen,or zoom onto the screen from the left or right.They will freeze (and damage) the penguin if it is hit from either of its sides,or on the head.The player can jump atop ice blocks however and will neither be damaged nor frozen.► GAME DYNAMICSAn umbrella will appear in the penguin's hand after jumping.Ice blocks falling from above will smash when they hit the top of the umbrella,so no worries about being bonked.When the player moves too close to the edge of the screen,a red exclamation mark will appear above the penguin's head letting the player know that an ice block is approaching (or within) the area,get out of the way in time.Every 10 seconds a “Speed Up” banner will display on the screen.When this happens the ice blocks (and the penguin’s movement) will speed up and the game-play difficult will increase.This will occur a total of five times which are essentially the five difficulty levels of the game.

Date added: 2015-11-18

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